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WCSSC Select

General Information

The Select program is a seasonal (fall and winter) program that offers players with an opportunity to play soccer at a more competitive level. By limiting the program to two separate seasons, it gives participants an opportunity to play at a higher level while still allowing participation in other activities outside of soccer during other times of the year.

The Select program is available for U10-U16 age groups. Teams will play area soccer club select or competitive teams. While most travel is within the Bay Area, some travel may take teams to locals such as Davis or Modesto on some weekends. As such, participation in the Select program involves a greater commitment of time for travel as well as a greater number of practices and games compared to the Recreation Program.

2019 WINTER SELECT Tryout Dates

Age Groups - U10, U12 and U14 Girls and Boys
Dates - November 5th, Tuesday and November 7th Thursday
Location - Heather Farm Park, field #1
Times - U10 4:00pm to 5:00pm
                 U12 5:15pm to 6:45pm
                 U14 7:00pm to 8:30pm
                 U16 - Not offered in Winter Select

*If tryout times change, we'll notify all players that have registered via their registered email address, including update to this web page and social media.

2019 Select Age Group Matrix

Age group determination for the Fall Select Season will be based on birth years.  The age group matrix is below (please note which age group your player will be playing in):

*U10: Birth years 2010 and 2011 only.

*U12: Birth years 2008 and 2009 only.

*U14: Birth years 2006 and 2007 only.

*U16: Birth years 2004 and 2005 only.  (U16 offered in Fall Select only)

*Please note that depending on the number of players that tryout and available coaches, teams may be formed using "pure" age groups.  For instance, if there are sufficient players and coaches to form a 2009 Boys and 2010 Boys team , teams may be formed accordingly.

How To Participate

To participate in the Select program, players will need to complete the following activities:

  • For fall select, players MUST first register for the Recreation Program. If a player is not chosen for a Select team, that player will still be placed on a team in the Recreation Program provided there was space in the program at the time of registration.

Winter select has a separate registration process. To be eligible for the Winter Select program a player must have been enrolled in the WCSSC fall season--Recreation or Select. Players on Competitive teams in the Fall are NOT eligible to play on Select teams in the same calendar year.  

  • Complete the Select tryout registration form
  • Players must attend tryouts for the Select program. See info on club calendar page for dates and times for tryouts

Player age groups are based on birth year for the Select program. This is different from the Recreation program. Play-ups are not allowed in the Select program.

Players are required to tryout for each season (winter or fall). Previous selection on a team is not a guarantee of future team placement on subsequent seasons.

Training and games

Teams typically train two times per week. Teams are coached by a parent volunteer with additional training led by the club’s professional training staff. For the fall season, training will begin mid-July with league play starting around mid-August through early November. Winter season begins mid-November and concludes no later than March 30th.

For both the fall and winter season, teams may elect to also play in tournaments. Some tournaments are local and other tournaments may be held in locations such as Reno or Santa Cruz for example.

Player Expectation

A higher level of commitment is expected from both the players and parents who participate in the Select program. Select participation is for players who are highly motivated to develop as soccer players and compete at a higher level. In order to maximize development as a player, participants are expected to regularly attend training sessions and matches. Participation in other sports or activities during the Select season is not advised if it will impact participation and commitment to the Select program.


Select teams are coached by parent volunteers based on a review of their qualifications and experience coaching. Selection of coaches is made by the Select program committee and being assigned to a team is not guaranteed.

In addition, each coach will receive support and mentorship from club professional trainers and the clubs Director of Coaching.

While potential coaches are encouraged to promote the Select program with players and parents and encourage players to try-out, coaches are not allowed to make promises or otherwise infer selection to a team. Tryouts are ran and players are rated by neutral club trainers.

If you are interested in applying to be a Select coach, please contact the Select Program Coordinator.


Fall select fee is the cost of registration for the Recreation program plus an additional fee of $140. The fee will be paid once a player has accepted placement and team formations have been made. This additional fee offsets cost of league registration, field rental costs, referee, training fees and Select team apparel. Tournament costs (including travel and lodging if applicable) are in addition to the Select player registration fees. Tournament costs vary based on the type and number of tournaments a team will play (usually 1-2 tournaments per season).

Winter select fee is $410.00 due at time of registration following team selection.  Additional team fees will be determined by team dependent on number of tournaments participating in, equipment needs, team building events and related costs.  

Select Program FAQ

What are the difference between the Recreation, Select and Competitive Programs?

Recreation- This program does not have tryouts and accepts all players regardless of their skills level or experience. The season runs August through early November. Rosters are typically formed by school and friend requests. For more information on the Recreation Program, click on the link.

Select - To participate on a Select team, players will have to tryout (see tryout dates on this page). Note, the Select program tryout is completely separate from the Competitive program tryout. The Select Program is for Recreation players that desire a higher level of competition. The season will run approximately July-November (Fall Select) and November - March (Winter Select). The fall and winter programs are two separate sessions and a tryout for both programs is required.

Competitive- The "Comp" program is a nearly year-round soccer program (approx 9 months out of year) for players who desire a high level of competition, training and commitment to soccer. Players are selected through a try-out process. Note the Comp tryout is completely separate from the Select program tryout. For more information on the Competitive Program, please click on link.

Can a player tryout for Select without registering for the Recreation program?

The Select program is designed to provide an opportunity for recreation players who desire a higher level of play. Therefore registration in the Recreation program is required to participate in Select.

For Winter Select, a player must have been registered in either fall Recreation or Select programs. Players who played Competitive in the fall are not eligible to play Winter Select in the successive season.

If a player does not make a select team, can they still play in the Recreation program? Yes, provided that at the time of registration there was still available space in the appropriate age group, players will be placed on a recreation team (fall season) at the conclusion of the Select tryouts.

Can a player play on both a select and a recreation or competitive team? No, players are not permitted to participate in different programs during the same season.

If my child cannot make the tryout date, how does that affect their chances of making a Select team? Players are strongly encouraged to attend at least one of the tryout dates. Players who have previously participated in the Select or Competitive program and are unavailable to attend tryouts (e.g. vacation, injury, etc.), may be considered for selection based on the training/coaching staffs prior knowledge of the player’s skills and abilities. However, there is no guarantee of making a team.

Several children attended tryouts, yet only 1 or 2 teams were formed. Why can’t more teams be formed? Participation in the select league is much more competitive than recreation play. Therefore, when forming teams we need to make sure they are able to compete at a high skill level. In addition, we are significantly limited with field space during the year and need to make tough decisions when it comes to forming teams and selecting players.