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Players and Parents

Thank you for your participation in the Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club. Like the soccer teams on the field, the WCSSC also is a team (staff, committee, parents, players, coaches, and referees) supporting the same goal of fostering a positive youth sports experience for all children who are playing in the club. To help facilitate this goal and support a successful season for all involved, we ask parents to consider the following:

  • Read and understand the Parent Code of Conduct document, below.  Adherence to the PCC is a condition of participation in WCSSC.
  • Recognize that the Recreation Program is run by a group of dedicated volunteers for a program of almost 2000 children. Like you, these volunteers are also managing a busy household, job, coaching, etc. Please keep this in mind when bringing up issues or concerns.
  • Many answers to your questions can be found on the Recreation pages of the club website. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your child’s appropriate Age Group Coordinator for resolution. Contact information can be found here. link to contact us page
  • If you witness any problematic behavior or misconduct by a coach, player, parent or official, please contact your Age Group Coordinator so that it can be addressed in an appropriate manner.

For helpful information about the age group program for your child, please select the appropriate link.

For information on the U12-U14 player draft program, please select the U12-U14 link below.