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Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club is committed to the continued education and resources to further support the parents of our players.  For the 2023/24 season, all members of our club will have direct access to Soccer Parenting Resource Center.  The support of our players, coaches, opponents and referees is so important to have a successful, meaningful and positive experience for all players, the club has partnered with the very best in Soccer Parenting Resource Center!  This page is our dedicated parent engagement platform and will be updated regularly with news updates, informative stories, pictures and more!

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We are committed to helping your child feel inspired about soccer.  With that in mind, we have secured a membership to the Soccer Parent Resource Center for all the parents and coaches in the club.

At the Soccer Parent Resource Center you will find monthly webinars for parents, articles and interviews with tips and advice, guidance and support, and much more to help you support your child in soccer.

To gain access to your free membership and all the great content at simply follow the link below to register.

We are proud to be a Club Member of the Soccer Parenting Association. We believe youth soccer parents will be difference makers when it comes to improving the game and we believe a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club and player is in the best interest of player development.

The mission of the Soccer Parenting Association is to Inspire Players by Empowering Parents and we hope you dive in to the content and community at the!

Again – to gain free access, simply click on this URL and register.


Take the Pledge >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Youth soccer belongs to the players.

I pledge to honor the youth soccer experience of the players with supportive, not distracting, behavior.

I pledge to eliminate hostile behavior targeted towards players, coaches, parents, and most notably referees.

I pledge to honor players, to respect referees, and to Make Youth Soccer Better.

Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club encourages all of our members to take the pledge for an improved soccer experience for our children.  Click on the picture to the right for a short video and take the pledge!