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Club Mission, Values and Philosophy


To enrich the community by developing athletes with a strong foundation of skills to play at any level,  providing our players and families an environment that focuses on teaching life lessons, and building a love for soccer.


RESPECT                                        TEAMWORK
HEART                                              PRIDE IN MEMBERSHIP
SAFETY                                            COMPETITION
DISCIPLINE                                   TRADITION


The Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club is unique in that we provide 3 levels of soccer for our players and families to choose from when participating in our club.  We have approximately 3,000 players who participate in our Competitive, Recreational and our Fall & Winter Select programs.  While the playing levels are different, the goal for all our players is the same.  We want all our players and families to have the ability to participate at the highest level, while having a fun, memorable and educational soccer experience.  We strive to provide an environment that will allow our players to develop in trainings and games as they work to achieve their goals in playing the beautiful game.   We are committed to long-term player growth.  We want each of our players learning the age appropriate skill sets that they will build upon the longer they play for WCSC.

How we strive to accomplish our club philosophy of player and coaching development at each level.

Competitive Program

Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of training and coaching for all our players.  To accomplish this we start by putting together a staff of coaches committed to player and team development.  Each competitive team will have their own WCSSC professional coach assigned to develop within the four pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, physical and psychological.  After teams are formed at tryouts in May, teams start training in July.  Teams are required to have trainings 3 times a week or more depending on level, preparation needed and coaches decision.  They will work on individual skills to develop confidence with the ball at their feet with and without pressure.  They will also work on team concepts to help them compete at the highest levels.  Each training session should challenge the players physically and mentally and each session should build upon the next.   We will continue to monitor our team development through a seasonal training plan, age group curriculum, coaches meetings, clinics and a collaboration within our training environment by coaches working with similar age groups.  For more on our coaching staff please visit the coaches section of our website.

Recreation Program

70% of our club is made up of recreational soccer players and we have one of the best programs around.  Each team is led by a parent coach and most teams have at least one parent Asst. Coach. It is critical that we provide the proper training and coaching support for our recreational teams and players so we offer coaching clinics prior to the season beginning, age specific curriculum.

The recreational season begins in August and runs through the end of the year Walnut Tournament in mid-November.  Some of our recreation teams also participate in tournaments during the season and our U14-19 recreation program will play against other city teams in the local area.

With all these players we want to make sure they have a fun, enriching soccer experience with friends and teammates alike.  They are developing the necessary skill sets to have a great soccer experience at the recreational level, while also preparing themselves for the opportunity to play Select, Competitive or High School soccer should they choose to move in that direction.  We work with the coaches to make sure they are providing the proper training environment for the players, while also enjoying the experience themselves since they do a tremendous service to the club and community by volunteering their time and energy to coach.

Select Program

WCSC offers a mid-level soccer program in the fall and winter for players seeking a balance between our recreation and competitive programs.  Fall and Winter select programs are for those players who seek a more competitive environment, but a similar three month season as our recreation fall program offers, and against competition in the surrounding Bay Area.  Both programs are tryout based where players must tryout and be selected for a team.  Those selected will practice and play against other fall and winter select teams from around the Bay Area.  Fall Select starts in late summer and plays thru November.  Winter Select starts in December and plays to March.