Winter Select Player Criteria and Tryout Evaluation Standards:

The past several seasons have seen a tremendous increase in interest in our Select Program, resulting in historical levels of participation in our tryouts, that ultimately results in about 1 in 4 players being chosen for one of our select teams. 

In order to improve the tryout experience for all players, we have provided the below player criteria and tryout evaluation standards to further assist families in determining if our Winter Select program is an appropriate level of soccer for their child.  Our club offers three levels of soccer and we strive to make sure all children are provided with an opportunity to play soccer in an environment that best fits their abilities. 

Winter Select Player Criteria:   

  • Only those players that participated in our 2023 fall select or recreation program are eligible for winter select tryouts and team selection

  • Players that consider winter select tryouts should be a top 2 or 3 player on their current recreation team

  • Players selected for winter select have usually played more than one season of organized recreation or select soccer and are ready to live up to a higher standard of focus, team commitment, and level of play

  • Players selected for winter select are expected to be coachable, team oriented and may have aspirations to continue to play at the select level or eventually move up to competitive soccer

  • Players selected must be committed and dedicated to their winter select team for all team trainings and matches

Tryout Evaluations (Club’s professional coaching staff are responsible for tryout evaluation):

  • Players registered for winter select tryouts are expected to attend both tryout sessions

  • Evaluators are looking for players that compete, engage in attack, transition and defend, are coachable and meet winter select player criteria and specifically:

    • Technical ability - players demonstrate select level skills in their passing, receiving and dribbling

    • Tactical awareness - movement off the ball, spatial awareness and decision making in all phases of attack, defend and transition.

    • Physical ability - speed, strength and agility.


Tryout registration updates for the 2023 Winter Select program:
Due to the aforementioned historic tryout registrations, and to improve the tryout experience, there will be a $30.00 tryout fee imposed at registration. It is our hope this fee will assure the players on the field for tryouts are truly committed to the upcoming winter season.  The fee is non-refundable and will offset upcoming winter select player registration fees and select program expenses.

Prior to registering for our winter select tryouts, we encourage all parents to consider their child’s current soccer ability and commitment to the potential season, including family schedule. If ultimately you decide Select isn’t yet the right level of play for your child, we welcome you to consider our Winter Development Academy, where your player can further develop their skills and pursue their passion for soccer under the leadership of our professional coaching staff.

Team Selection:

Immediately following the last day of tryouts, our Professional Coaching staff and club administrators finalize the player pool and assemble individual team rosters before coordinating the email notifications.  Notification to selected players may take several days to complete.  Players will have 24hours to accept their team offer.  Players not responding within 24hours will be removed from team consideration and an alternate player will be sent a roster offer.  Players not being selected will also receive an email once all rosters are finalized, usually within 7 days of last tryout.  We know tryout team selection is a very difficult time for players and parents, so our goal is to be as timely and sensitive to all.  Roster selections are not negotiable, nor does club offer tryout evaluation scores, comments or feedback.