WCSC Scholarship Program

WCSC strives to provide soccer playing opportunities for players whose families are unable to cover all costs. Through our Scholarship Program, families may apply for financial assistance with a portion of their registration (Recreational Program) or training fees (Competitive Program). In exchange for this assistance, families agree to meet all program requirements, including performing significant volunteer assignments during the season.

While we wish we could accommodate all financial aid requests, the amount of financial support WCSC offers each year is limited by the amount of donations to our scholarship fund and the number of players demonstrating need. Consequently, we must carefully review all requests and make awards to those with the greatest need. WCSC does not guarantee any request will be fulfilled.

To be considered for a partial scholarship, please read and follow the instructions below and submit all paperwork by the appropriate application deadlines. So that we may assist as many families as possible, please only request amount you cannot pay.


  1. PARTICIPANTS: Eligible soccer players in WCSC’s Recreational and Competitive programs may apply for scholarships. Awards will be based on need, as determined by submitted application information, though other hardships may be considered.

Recreational Program: Aid may be provided up to the full registration fee ($210). Awardees will receive a voucher to use during online registration. Uniform costs are not included in scholarship grants.

Competitive Program: Aid may be provided towards the training fee only, AFTER basic registration fee ($420) has been paid. Families are still responsible for payment of uniforms, tournaments, spring league, equipment, and other team fees. Awards will be applied by WCSC as a credit toward the team’s training fees. Scholarship recipients are still responsible for and must stay current with their portion of the remaining training/team fees (tournaments, equipment, incidentals, etc).

  1. VOLUNTEERING: All families receiving scholarships must volunteer in support of club activities. Volunteers are needed at events including tryouts, recreational evaluations, tournaments/jamborees, and the golf tournament. Refereeing without compensation, coaching or service as tournament director may also fulfill volunteer requirements. Volunteer opportunities will be communicated to the scholarship families as they become available but families are responsible for taking the initiative to fulfill their volunteer commitment on time. Failure to show at the assigned volunteer job (without giving at least 24 hours notice) or failure to fulfill volunteer commitments on time, will result in revocation of the current scholarship and elimination from consideration for future scholarships. Families will then need to pay all fees previously covered by the scholarship or the player's pass will be pulled.

Volunteer commitments are based on the scholarship award amount and required hours will be specified in the agreement.


If the scholarship family has NOT met at least half (50%) of their respective volunteer commitment by September 1, the player pass will be pulled and the player will NOT be eligible to participate in practices, games or tournaments until their commitment is fulfilled. Scholarship volunteer commitments are to be performed in addition to team volunteer commitments (e.g., if the team needs each parent to volunteer for a shift at a tournament, the scholarship commitment will be fulfilled only after the parent has first volunteered to fill the team commitment)


  1. APPLICATION: A completed online application and supporting documentation must be completed IN ITS ENTIRETY in order to be considered. In addition to the online application form, applications must be accompanied by a COPY of Page 1 of your 2016 federal income tax return. If you have not yet filed your 2016 tax return, please provide your estimated adjusted gross income for 2016 and supporting W-2’s 1099’s to support your estimate, along with a copy of Page 1 of your 2015 federal return. (Please blackout your social security number(s) and any other private information). Additional information may be requested in order to verify income or consider your application. Your financial information will be held in strict confidence and will be shredded following the scholarship awards.


DEADLINES: All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to scholarship@wcsc.org by the following deadlines:


March 24, 2017: ALL scholarship paperwork & online application due for U8-U14 competitive

April 17, 2017: Scholarship awards issued for U8-U14 competitive


April 1, 2017: ALL scholarship paperwork & online application due for recreational program (all ages)

April 28, 2017: Scholarship awards issued for recreational program (all ages)


May 31, 2017: ALL scholarship paperwork & online application due for U15-U19 competitive

June 19, 2017: Scholarship awards issued for U15-U19 competitive

For more information:  scholarship@wcsc.org