2018 U8 Academy Program

(2011/2012 birth year)


  • Late May/early June until early November
  • 2 practices a week from professional trainers with designed breaks and scrimmages throughout the season
  • 8-10 league games are played in the fall on Saturdays/Sundays in the local East Bay area (San Ramon, Danville, Livermore, Fremont).


  • Professional WCSC Trainers at all trainings
  • Proven advantage in developing young talent
  • WCSC Trainers are licensed, fingerprinted, and background checked.


  • $430 Registration: Covers costs of fields, registration, operations staff, and equipment.
  • $TBD Training: Covers costs of the professional training/coaching.
  • $TBD Competitive Uniforms-

Team Formation

  • All U8 aged players will make the Academy.
  • The group will start out in one large pool and will be divided by the trainers based on the best environment for player development.

2018 Identification Dates

  • U8 Identification Dates - TBD

 Team Jobs

  • Each family is required to fill the following mandatory positions on your team; manager, treasurer, parent assistant coach (chosen by trainer). Other jobs include: team bench, social coordinator(s), fundraising coordinator, apparel coordinator, and tournament coordinator.

Playing up

  • ALL U8 aged players will make the Academy. We strive to keep all age groups in the Competitive Program “age pure”, but have guidelines in place for playing up.
    1. Attend the identification dates to see if the competitive program / U8 Academy is right for your child.
    2. Apply online to attend the identification dates through the spring
    3. DOC approval
    4. Attend the identification dates and be in the top 3 of the U8 player pool U7 age players are able to tryout for the U8 Academy, but must attend at least one of the identification dates and must be recommended by the trainer to the U8 program.