Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club Team Formation Policy

The intent of the WCSSC Recreation Program is to develop fundamental soccer skills while creating a fun atmosphere that encourages teamwork and sportsmanship. We want to maximize the time coaches spend improving the skills of all players. We achieve this when teams are balanced with all levels of skill and experience.

Furthermore, WCSSC endeavors to provide a positive experience for families and players through fair and even competition. When a significant imbalance between the skill level exists from team to team, it often discourages families and players. If we, as a club, can offer a consistently balanced and competitive recreation league from year to year, we will maximize our potential of providing a positive soccer experience and foster a further love of the sport.

WCSSC serves nearly 2000 players each season with approximately 80%+ of all registrations having some sort of request or consideration. Unfortunately, it is just not possible to meet all requests that are submitted. Your understanding and adherence to this policy is appreciated.


Three important criteria drive player placement: Mutual Friend Requests, Geographic Area (e.g. neighborhood, school) and Ability.


Mutual Friend Requests: WCSSC will, when possible, match players with one friend request. These requests must be MUTUAL! Meaning that parents must coordinate with each other prior to registering to ensure the other party is also making the same friend request. Multiple friend requests or non-mutual friend requests are not considered when forming teams. This is not to say that the player will not be placed with several of their friends,  but will be dependent upon other factors utilized in team formations (see below).

Area: We will form teams as much as possible according to school of attendance or neighborhood. When there is an imbalance of soccer skills in a particular area, it may be necessary to mix players with a variety of schools.  When this happens, players may be able to play with other schoolmates or neighbors, but may not necessarily play on an entirely "neighborhood" team. Often, teams will contain players from adjacent schools or neighborhood (i.e. Murwood and Walnut Heights schools or Valle Verde and Walnut Acres). Coordinators generally will not, unless absolutely necessary, form teams that contain players from east and west Walnut Creek.

Ability (U9 and above): Players are evaluated at the end of each season by their coaches and are confidentially ranked based on skill, attitude and coachability. While this is not a perfect method, it does help us form a basis of which to create our teams for the following season. We also ask parents during registration to provide a honest assessment of their child’s ability. Note, the club no longer holds placement/evaluation clinics for recreation players. Player ability/skill is not a factor in team placement for U6-U8 team formation.


Play Up Request: Players may request to “Play Up” to join an older division.   A "Play Up" request will only be considered if:

  • A "Play Up" request is requested at the time of registration
  • Players birthdate must be between 8/1 and 12/1

"Play Up" requests are not automatically honored and are granted if there is availability on a team. 


Play Down Requests: Players are NOT permitted to play down to a younger age group


Coach Request: Coach requests are not utilized as a factor in team formation