Become a Referee!

At age 14, you qualify to take the Grade 8 Referee course which is the first step to officiating games. Courses are held throughout the year, all over the Bay Area, and cost $50. Courses typically consist of an online portion that must be completed before the weekend course (Friday-Saturday-Sunday). Walnut Creek hosts 2 courses during the summer. Follow the steps below to start your officiating career!

  1. Sign-up for any Grade 8 Referee course through California North Referee Administration (CNRA). $50
    1. CNRA
  2. Once you pass your course, you will receive your Referee Badge.
  3. Create a login at Game Officials
  4. The cost is $60 for the uniform
    1. Fill out the Uniform order form
    2. If you referee 10 WC games you will get $90 refunded to you (you still get paid for the 10 games you officiated)
  5. Sign up in Game Officials to follow Walnut Creek
  6. In mid-August there will be a second on field training for new referees
  7. After that you can self-assign games in Game Officials

Upcoming Course Dates

TBD for 2018