Field Permit:



FIELD NOTE: No food on the track or field. No drinks other than water on the track or field (No Gatorade). No running on the track with soccer cleats. Las Lomas is artificial turf, no metal cleats or long rubber studs allowed. Regular length rubber cleats, turf shoes and tennis shoes allowed. NO DOGS inside any part of the stadium. No smoking or alcoholic beverages on school grounds.

Northgate Sports Complex Turf Specific Rules
1. Only players and coaches are permitted inside the small fenced in area where the track and field is located. You man not allow any other sports groups, neighbors or parents to run the bleachers or walk the track at anytime (this is a Northgate rule and must be enforced if you intend to use this facility.)
2. Water only inside the small fenced in area. Food and sports drinks must be consumed outside this track/field location. 
3. Goals must be stored on the south side (nearest the tennis courts) off the field just behind the netting. The wheels should be left in their upright position to allow for easy movement.
4. Aluminum team bench--these are to be stored up against the small fence and off the field at the completion of your event. 
5. The sports complex must be locked and may never be left unattended. If the Field Scheduler indicates there is a game or practice following yours, but you do not see the coach or managing Walnut Creek team official, it will be your responsibility to lock the gate leading to the Sports Complex. Please note, as long as the lock has not be snapped shut a key is not required to secure this lock. 
6. The same key that opens the Sports Complex will also open the yellow gates to the parking lot. If you are leaving the field and have locked the sports complex you can also lock the parking lot (but only if the lot is free of cars.) If other cars are present, you should leave the parking lot open. Also, please only open the first set of yellow gates leading to the parking lot. Do not open the interior yellow gates as cars are only allowed to use the main lot. 
7. Garbage. It is a privilege we currently have to use this facility. Please leave it in a condition better than it was found. Take a few minutes (have the players do this) and make sure all trash has been picked up including sports tape and "pre wrap".
8. Please have players store bags on the fence line and not on the turf field. 
9. Corner Flags. We are currently working on a location to secure these for games. They will most likely be located under the bleachers and the same key will access this area. 
10. Please notify Steve Chappell if you notice any field issues or Sports Complex problems with the facility (the most common would be if the seams on the turf need repair). If a coach sees the turf coming apart please email Steve including a picture and brief detail of location. Also, if there is any serious injury please email Steve Chappel a brief description of the events. Steve Chappell phone number 925-588-9758.