The intent of the WCSC House program is to develop fundamental soccer skills while creating a fun atmosphere that encourages teamwork and sportsmanship. We want to maximize the time coaches spend improving the skills of all players. We achieve this when teams are balanced.

Our intent is to provide a fun and encouraging soccer experience that teaches teamwork and sportsmanship while developing fundamental soccer skills.

Furthermore, WCSC endeavors to provide a positive experience for families and players through fair and even competition. When significant imbalance between the skill level exist from team to team, it often discourages families and players. If we, as a club, can offer a consistently balanced house league from year to year, we will sustain and perhaps increase the numbers of players in the game.

Two important criteria drive player placement: Area, and Ability.

Area: We will form teams as much as possible according to school attended or neighborhood. When there is a imbalance of soccer skills in a particular area, it may be necessary to mix players with a variety of schools.  When this happens, players may be able to play with other schoolmates or neighbors, but may not necessarily play on an entirely "local" team. Often, teams will contain players from adjacent schools or neighborhood (i.e. Murwood and Walnut Heights schools or Valle Verde and Walnut Acres). Coordinators generally will not, unless absolutely necessary, form teams that contain players from both south and east Walnut Creek.

Ability: Players will be evaluated at a Placement Clinic to assess skills.  Teams will be formed based on balancing of player skills.  We will not automatically honor requests to play with a specific friend even if your child has played with that friend in previous year(s).  Friend requests must be mutual in order to be honored.  We do NOT honor requests to play for a specific coach, except for U16-U19 players. While it is likely that your child will play for a coach on a team from your neighborhood, it is not guaranteed.

Play Up Request

Players may request to “Play Up” to join an older division.   A "Play Up" request will only be considered if:

  • A "Play Up" request form is completed;
  • Players attend a placement clinic for their current age group.
  • Players birthdate must be between 8/1 and 12/1 (inclusive)

"Play Up" requests are not automatically honored and are granted if there is availability on a team.  Players in the older age division are given preference over "Play Up" requests.