What is the difference between Competitive soccer and Recreational soccer?

Answer: The major difference is the level of competition and commitment required by both families and players. All competitive teams require an increased time, financial, and training commitment by our players. Benefits include:

  • Professional coaching/training
  • Teammates who are committed to improving the team’s skills and performance
  • Play against better competition
  • Play more games against a variety of clubs

What is the difference between the different levels within Competitive Soccer?

Answer: There are now 5 different levels of competition offered in our governing soccer bodies (US Club Soccer, NorCal, Cal North). The Premier level represents the highest level of soccer in a playing league with the Gold and Silver levels just a notch below. The Premier, Gold and Silver levels were formally known as Division 1 and in WCSC are represented by our Blue and White teams. At these levels, teams are defined by both US Club and NorCal as being age pure (classified by the oldest player). Players are selected through a series of tryouts. Coaches and the WCSC Director of Coaching will select a team based on their expertise in evaluating youth soccer players.

The Bronze and Copper levels of soccer were formally known as Division 3 and are classified as Black level teams in our club. WCSC strives to field age pure (classified by the oldest player) Bronze and Copper teams in many age groups. Depending on the number of qualified players available, some teams may span 2 years. Bronze and Copper teams are formed after the Blue and White teams are formed. The level of soccer provides more advanced training and playing opportunities than is available at the Division 4 level (house/recreation), and with the intent of preparing players for advancement toward higher level teams.

What is the time commitment for WCSC Competitive Soccer Teams?

Answer: In our youngest age groups, our U8 Academy requires a 6+/- month commitment, and our U9 & U10 teams require a 7-8 month commitment. From U11-U19, our Blue teams along with many White teams require a 9-10 month commitment from the players. Our Black teams can require anywhere from a 7-9 month commitment. All tryouts take place in May.

Spring League: Some teams will also play in the NorCal spring league. For our U9-14 teams this will run from April-June. The U-15 through U-19 age groups will either participate in Spring league (April-June) and start shortly after tryouts are finished; or begin their season in May/June in preparation for summer tournaments.

Summer/Fall: Tournament play usually begins in July and continues throughout the summer months. Fall League play begins following Labor Day and will continue until mid-November, with the last weekend of September and October designated as tournament weekends. The U-9 through U-13 teams will participate in US Club Soccer/NorCal Fall League play and continue with State Cup play into the winter months. Some of these younger teams will finish their season in December while others will finish in Jan/Feb depending upon their performance in the State Cup tournament. Older teams must suspend their activities once their league season ends in November until the end of the high school season (mid-November through mid-February). The U-14 through U-19 age groups will commence State Cup play in late March with the finals being held in May. All teams will participate in tournaments throughout the year, with the bulk of tournament play occurring during the summer months. On average, Blue and White level teams will attend 3-4 summer tournaments, and Black teams 2-3.

Typically, teams will take time off for Spring Break (although State Cup can be held during this time period), 2 weeks in the summer, Thanksgiving week and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

All players are committed to the team for the entire season until the finish of State Cup.

Training sessions will be 2-3 times per week. Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays.

How much do Competitive Teams travel?

Answer: Most U8-U13 play is local (within 60 minutes of Walnut Creek.) Most U14-U19 league games are within 45-90 minutes of Walnut Creek and some teams can travel out of Northern California 1-2 times a year for tournaments.  Some teams may travel to tournaments in Souther California or regionally to out of state tournaments or college showcases.  All tournaments are reviewed and approved by the Club Director of Coaching and General Manager.

What will be the Format for Tryouts?

Answer: WCSC holds open tryouts every spring to form Competitive Teams. The tryouts are supervised by the Director of Coaching and conducted by our professional training staff. The players will be evaluated on their abilities in four areas: Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical.

There will be at least two tryout sessions for each age group. Players must attend a minimum of one tryout to be considered for a WCSC team. Players will try out in their appropriate age level unless given specific written approval by the Director of Coaching prior to the start of tryouts. Even if the criteria is met, the player must still attend the first tryout for their age appropriate group. Parents and players may not request a specific team placement.  Playing up requests will not be considered at tryouts.

All players attending tryouts must register prior to participating in tryouts.

All players must check in at each tryout session. Players should arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete the on-site check-in process and properly warm-up. Players should not wear any gear that shows any club or team affiliation. Shin guards and cleats are required. Please bring a ball and water.

How will the tryout results be communicated?

Answer: Every player who participates in at least two tryout sessions will receive a call from the head coach/evaluator. Player assignments to the top team for an age group will be concluded no later than three (3) days following the last tryout. The team below the top team will then have three (3) days to notify players and so on down the sequence of teams noted above. Our goal is to have all teams formed and communications sent out within 7-10 days.

How will teams be formed in each age group?

Answer: Teams will be formed in the following sequence:

  1. A Premier/Gold/Silver 1 team is formed
  2. A 3rd team is formed if there are enough competitive level players participating in the tryout process. The team will compete at the Bronze/Copper level.

What will be the financial commitment for the different level teams?

WCSC strives to keep fees as low as possible, utilizing many hard-working volunteers to keep operation costs to a minimum and charging only what is necessary to cover our program, staffing, field and equipment costs. As a result, we are able to offer a high-quality program at costs significantly below most other comparable soccer clubs in the area.

There are 3 separate fees for the Competitive Program: REGISTRATION, TRAINING, TEAM.

REGISTRATION: $430/player, payable in full upon accepting a competitive team spot.

TEAM FEES: cover team specific fees-tournament entry, extra field rental, team equipment, team social, etc. This fee is paid to the parent team treasurer and range from $400-$1200, depending on the team commitments.

TRAINING FEES: paid in a lump sum or 3 payments (Aug 6, Sept 1, Oct 1)

Age Group 2018-2019  Training Fee/Player
U8 Academy $400
U9 – U10 $850
U11 – U19 2nd, 3rd teams playing Bronze or Copper $1100
U11 – U19 2nd or 3rd teams playing Silver or above $1300
U11 – U19 - All first teams except NPL $1400
National Premier League (NPL&State Premier) $1500


>> Training Fees with Professional Head Coach/Trainer

>> WCSC/FMF Performance Training Fees included in U14-U19 Training Fee

>> Spring League, Tournament Fees & Team Incidentals Not Included

>> Includes Goalkeeper Academy

Additional Costs:

-All players will pay for a share of their team budget, which will include such items as tournament registration, travel costs, and team equipment needs which averages around $200-$500 per player depending on age group and level.

-Spring League participation. This is an additional eight-week season, and all players participating in will pay a $145 which goes towards league registration, referee fees and coaches pay. Some teams will do a training only for the Spring, and the cost for this option is $95 per player which goes towards training fees only.

-Uniforms. AS OF 2018'19 SEASON - Every two years we rotate uniforms so one time during this cycle you will be required to purchase the club uniform which is @ $TBD. Teams may have fundraising programs with WCSC Marketing Coordinator approval.

Are there residency requirements/limits for WCSC Competitive Teams?

Answer: Competitive teams U12 and younger wishing to carry more than 50% non-residents must justify the need and obtain approval from the Board of Directors. Residents are classified as players who live in Walnut Creek, go to school in Walnut Creek, or their parents work in Walnut Creek.

If my child makes a team, how do I register and pay league fees?

Answer: Each player will be required to register online within 48 hours of being selected to join a WCSC team. Instructions will be sent via email after notification of the team selection has been made.