WCSSC Coaching Information


Our program would not be successful without the dedication and support of our volunteer coaches. While most coaches are parent volunteers, we also welcome and encourage community members or parents whose children have aged out of the program to join or continue on with their coaching career.


On behalf of the WCSSC, we’d like to thank you for considering coaching. Please read on for important information regarding the coaching program.


Coach Job Description and Requirements

Volunteering to coach is a rewarding experience where you can play a direct role in fostering the love of soccer while imparting important life lessons and building players self-esteem.


While having experience playing and coaching soccer is helpful, it is NOT required to become a volunteer coach. WCSSC will provide you with the tools and education necessary to be a successful soccer coach.


Coaches will be selected prior to team formation and will be notified if they have been assigned a team by the Age Group Coordinator. Coach selection is based on the following in order of importance:

  1. Coaches that have exhibited good sportsmanship and have demonstrated  the ability to convey ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play to their players
  2. The coach with the highest coaching license
  3. The coach who has in the past or is currently providing volunteer hours to the club in addition to coaching
  4. The coach with the most years of experience


In order to coach, volunteers must meet the following requirements:


Fill out the registration form: This needs to be completed each year. The coach registration form is COMPLETELY separate from the registration you completed for your child. The coach registration form can be accessed through this link.


Complete the background fingerprinting check: If you have continuously been registered to coach for successive years, your background check with the club will remain current. However, if you have stepped away from coaching for more than one year, you will need to once again complete fingerprinting. All new coaches will need to complete the fingerprinting background check.


Important! - Our fingerprinting background check is only good for our club. If you have completed fingerprinting through other organizations, you still need to complete the WCSSC fingerprinting clearance.


Fingerprinting can be completed during one of the coaches meeting held in July. Check the club calendar for the specific meetings that provide  fingerprinting as not all coaches meetings offer this service. If you are unable to complete fingerprinting at one of the coaches meetings, you will be responsible for obtaining clearance on your own, including the fee and time.


Concussion Education: Each coach needs to complete concussion education training and upload heir certificate. Information on concussion education requirements can be found at this link.


Attend a required coaches meeting:See calendar for your age group required coach meeting.


Other Information


Number of coaches per team: Each team is permitted to have 2 coaches per team. In some cases, the Age Group Coordinator may allow a third coach. During games, only 2 coaches are allowed in the technical team area. Contact your appropriate Age Group Coordinator if you would like to request a 3rd coach.


Coach Rebate: The Head Coach for each team will receive a $50 Gift Card rebate to a local sporting goods store (store TBD) at the conclusion of each season. The rebate applies to each Head Coach position fulfilled (e.g. A coach of two teams will receive two $50 GC). To receive a rebate at the end of the season a coach must:

  • Complete their coaching assignment for the season
  • Turn in their club assigned gear at the end of the season
  • Complete their player evaluations for their team (U9 and above)