About WCSC

The Walnut Creek Soccer Club was established in 1971 and is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization (Tax ID # 94-2425586) with the purpose of promoting the game of soccer in connection with the philosophies of the United State Soccer Federation.  To that end, it is our mission to provide the appropriate level of play for all our players and families.  Furthermore, we will continue to educate and develop our coaches so that they can prepare their players to participate at the highest levels possible whether that be club, high school, collegiate or professional soccer.   We will also work to prepare and promote our players through US Soccer Youth Development Programs at the District, State, Regional and National levels.

The Walnut Creek Soccer Club will use all the necessary resources available to provide the proper coaching and playing environment for all our members.   Our goal is for every member of our club to learn and grow as a soccer player and person through their experiences with WCSC.  We will promote a positive learning environment for our players and families as we work to provide the highest level of coaching and coach’s education.

Our mission to our members will continue to grow and change as the landscape of soccer changes in America.   We have already made great strides forward as a club and our mission is to be the best soccer club we can possibly be for all our players, coaches and families.  We are excited about the future of soccer in America, the challenges that lie ahead, and the impact the Walnut Creek Soccer Club looks to make on the local, state, regional and national levels.

The Club has both recreational and competitive programs to offer its 2,900 players and is the largest youth sports organization in Walnut Creek.

Programs Offered

  • Fall Season House League - Sept-Nov.  No tryouts required.
    • U6 3 v 3 program for boys and girls
    • U7 & U8 4 v 4 program for boys and girls
    • U9, U10, U12, U14, and U16/U19 boys and girls programs
    • 10 Game Season - Sept-Nov
    • Practice starts Aug 1
    • Registration in March
    • Pre-Season House Jamboree for U9-U19
    • Recreation Tournament in Nov
  • Winter Select and Tournament Season for Recreation players U10-U14
  • Competitive teams formed from tryouts in Spring (May)
    • Summer Tournaments
    • Fall Season - Sept-Nov
    • Winter Season - Nov-Feb
    • Spring Season - March-April
    • State Cup Tournament
  • Tournaments
    • Creek Cups-Competitive NPL/Gold, Silver, Bronze
    • Recreation Tournament in Nov for all Rec Teams
  • Soccer Player Clinics
    • Soccer clinics for competitive and recreation players
  • Soccer Coaching Clinics
    • License Clinics
    • Coaching Clinics for Recreation volunteer coaches
  • Referee Classes and Clinics
    • Referee Grade 8 Class in June and July
    • Referee Training at the Creek Cups and Summer Rec Tournament
    • Referee Clinics throughout the year