WC Surf Soccer Club – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May 14, 2018

Walnut Creek Soccer Club has agreed to join Surf Soccer Club as an affiliate and is now known as Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club!

Q: Why the name change?

A: Walnut Creek has signed a partnership agreement with Surf Soccer Club, and part of that agreement includes our club rebranding as a Surf affiliate. We now join the Surf Affiliate program with 12 other clubs across the nation.

Q: Why are we becoming a Surf Soccer Club affiliate?

A: While Walnut Creek has long been a quality organization, our desire to continue developing quality players on and off the field is more achievable when we are partnered with one of the strongest brands in youth soccer.  The Surf Soccer affiliate program will benefit our club in a number of ways including

  • Best practices will be shared between DoC / GM staff, then cascaded all Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club programs
  • Playing opportunities at the Surf Cup soccer tournaments
  • Nike Premier Club pricing on the best Nike gear
  • Assistance in exposure to college coaches through the Surf network

Q: What are the benefits for the recreational program?

A: Our recreational program will benefit from additional coach training and support. Our coaching curriculum will provide Rec volunteer and inexperienced coaches with tools to help build our recreation players up and give them the confidence to compete at higher levels, all while having fun playing the game.

Q: What is the purpose of Surf Soccer’s affiliate program?

A: Surf Soccer Club has established a network of clubs to share resources, collaborate and partner in projects involving soccer education and instruction, tournament planning and promotion, field development and club administration.  Surf Soccer Club hopes to share their expertise and that of their affiliates to build uniformly well-run professional organizations that develop our players and successfully transition them to the next level of play.

Q: What is going to change along with the name of the club?

A: Our uniforms will change – we will look similar to the San Diego Surf teams in their colors of royal blue/black. We will now be a recognized Nike Club, and our retailer will be Soccer.com.

Q: How much is this going to cost Walnut Creek Soccer Club to become a Surf Affiliate?

A: The club does not pay any upfront cost to be a part of the Surf Affiliate network. Surf believe’s more in partnership and collaboration with their affiliates, rather than using it as a revenue generator.

Q: When will the uniform change take place for the recreation program?

A: The recreation uniforms will be Nike for the upcoming Fall 2018 season. They will follow the two year uniform cycle.

Q: When will the uniform change take place for the competitive program?

A: The competitive teams will wear the new Adidas match uniforms for the 2018 season and switch to Nike in 2019. The training kits, warm ups, and bags will switch to Nike for the 2018/2019 season and follow the two year cycle.

Q: Are there any additional costs to WC Surf Soccer Club members?

A: For returning Competitive players in 2019 there will be incremental uniform cost to purchase new Nike match uniforms.  For those players requiring  financial assistance we will be updating our Financial Assistance Program to address that need.

Q: What is the term of the affiliate agreement?

A: The initial term of the agreement is five years, with consecutive automatic extensions. It’s the desire of both Surf Soccer Club and our club that this agreement lasts considerably longer than the initial term.

More information on the Surf Affiliate Program can be found here: affiliates.surfsoccer.com