2018 Treasurer Instructions and Responsibilities


The Team Treasurer should be a team parent who is not the Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Manager.  The Team Treasurer may be subject to a fingerprinting/background check. Please provide the Team Treasurer’s name, email and phone number to the Competitive Treasurer, Leslie Marquart at comp_treasurer@wcsc.org by June 3, 2018 for all teams and U8 Academies.


General Treasurer Responsibilities

  •  Open new bank account if an account is not transferred from the prior season (see instructions below).
  •  Create team budget and income and expense statement and collect fees from families (see instructions below).
  •  Balance team checking account, collect fees from families, collect and retain expense receipts, etc.
  •  Submit proposed budget to the Competitive Treasurer by June 18, 2018 for all teams and the U8 Academies. Parents should also receive a copy of the team budget at this time. Teams will not be given player passes or practice slots until the budget is received and approved by the Competitive Treasurer.
  •  After the end of the fall league season, provide a preliminary income and expenditure report to the Competitive Treasurer by November 30, 2018.
  •  Submit final income and expenditure report to the Competitive Treasurer by April 1, 2019 for U14 and under (2005-2010) teams and U15 (2004) second and third teams; submit by May 1, 2019 for all U15 first teams and above (2004-2000).  The report should show all costs per player and any remaining balance. Players that do not return to the team should receive a refund (excluding fundraising and donations) once the following year competitive team selection process is complete. This final income and expenditure report should be shared with parents at this time.


Creating Budget and Income/Expense Statement

When creating your team budget, please use the items below for your preliminary annual budget.

  • Teams playing NorCal Spring League:  $145 per player (WCSC fee which includes training, field and referee fees. NorCal registration is NOT covered by this fee). Generally, only first (WCSC Blue) teams are eligible to play NorCal Spring League and only with the permission of the WCSC Director of Coaching (DOC). Also include a $350 NorCal spring league team registration fee. This Nor-Cal fee is to be split among all players.
  • Spring training fees:  $95 per player. Only for U15 and below teams that are not playing NorCal spring league but will be training during the months of March through May.  Due to limited field space, spring training only is a limited exception and is allowed only with DOC approval.
  • All TeamSnap accounts are managed directly by WCSC. Do not register or pay for a separate account on behalf of the team.  This fee is covered by the Club and will NOT be invoiced beginning in 2018/19
  • Futsal:  Recommend $125 per player but actual cost is TBD.  For second teams only (unless your coach tells you otherwise)
  • NPL League registration fees (spring and fall)
  • Tournament fees (including State Cup)
  • Team equipment:  Game balls, benches, pop-ups, medical kit, etc.
  • Team social events: Team building, parties, gifts, etc.
  • Team summer camp (if applicable)
  • Indoor field rental (if applicable)
  • Referee training (if applicable)
  • Trainer travel fees:  Hotel and mileage. Reimburse mileage only for travel that is over and above normal league game commute.  This is typically for games or tournaments that are over 50 miles or greater from Walnut Creek. Reimburse at the IRS 2018 standard rate of $0.545 cents per mile; or at TBD 2019 rate if reimbursed in 2019.  Mileage reimbursement should be computed based upon mileage to and from Walnut Creek, regardless of where coach resides.
  • Banking fees for team checks (or service charge if average balance falls below $500)

Notify families of separate expenses that will be due, but will not be collected through the team, including uniforms and practice jerseys, Club registration fees, training fees, etc.


Payments to WCSC and Collection from Families

  •  To alleviate some of the pressure on the Team Treasurer, training fees will be collected by the Club again this year.  Each player will be charged the amount below. The Club will invoice each family directly this year using a method similar to how registration payments are made.  Team Treasurers may be asked for help when adjustments need to be made or player/parent contact information is needed.


  • In April 2019, WCSC will issue ONE invoice to the team for the entire amount of spring training.  The fees are due to the Club by April 15, 2019. The Team Treasurer will remit payment on behalf of the entire team.  Payments must be remitted to: WCSC – P.O. Box 3057 Walnut Creek, CA 94598.
  • The Team Treasurer should establish definitive due dates for families to remit payment to the team for their share of training and other team fees.  The due dates should be well in advance of the dates the installment payments are due to WCSC. All team fees should be collected no later than September 1, 2018. It is extremely important to adhere to this due date.
  • During team meeting, Team Treasurer should let families know that a player’s pass may be pulled for failure to remit payment, which would exclude the player from all practices and games.
  • If after one or two friendly reminders a family has not remitted payment in full by the established due dates, the Team Treasurer should notify the Competitive Treasurer for direct follow up with the family.
  • Families should address their checks to the team name exactly as specified on the team bank account.  If cash is received, the Team Treasurer should count cash in front of the payor and issue a receipt immediately.
  • Any player who leaves the team before the season ends and has paid their team fees in full is eligible for a refund for those expenses that have not yet been paid by the team, such as team events and future tournaments. The Team Treasurer should review the amount of refund with the Team Manager and Coach. Any questions should be directed to the Competitive Treasurer. Generally, training fees are NOT refundable; however, player injuries or family moves out of the region may be eligible for partial training refunds depending on the circumstances.
  • If a team disbands during the season, all funds, excluding donations/contributions but including fundraising, should be dispersed back to the families. Donations/contributions will stay within the WCSC and be used for scholarships.


Bank Accounts for New Teams

  • If a bank account is not transferred from the prior season, a new account must be established. Existing teams can continue to use the same bank account and update any new designated signers instead of setting up a new bank account. For example, the account for Blue 06 Boys should be transferred to the U11 (2008) boys first team; White 06 Boys should be transferred to the U11 (2008) boys second team, etc.
  • Accounts should be set up in the name of the team (i.e., Walnut Creek Soccer Club 04B Blue, Walnut Creek Soccer Club 05G White, etc.).  All accounts must bear the name of the Club with the team designation as shown in the examples given.
  • New bank accounts should be established at the Oak Grove Branch of Wells Fargo Bank, 775 Oak Grove Road in Concord. Rini will be able to assist with establishing the free checking account and can be reached at (925) 671-1502. Rini should have all the information needed to set up the account. Both signers on the account should be present when the account is established.
  • If a bank other than the Wells Fargo Oak Grove branch is used, if required, the Competitive Treasurer can provide a letter verifying the team’s affiliation with the WCSC as a nonprofit entity.  In order to do so, the Competitive Treasurer will need the team name and the name of the designated signers.
  • The checking account should have two designated signers: the Team Treasurer and the Team Manager. Only one signature is required for checks written against the team account.
  • Note that some banks may put a hold on the money deposited for a certain number of business days. So plan expenditures accordingly.
  • The commingling of personal funds with the competitive team funds is NOT allowed.
  • Team fees collected should be deposited directly into the team’s checking account as soon as possible after receipt.  Keep a photocopy of all checks and a copy of cash receipts.
  • All disbursements should be made in the form of a check from the team’s checking account.  No cash payments or “credits against fees” can be used to reimburse parent expenses.


Advance of Tournament Fees

As a courtesy to assist our competitive teams, the Club may write advance tournament checks on the team’s behalf for tournaments entered through September 2018. Please send requests via email to the Club’s bookkeeper, Linda Wong (see contact information below).  Please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed. When the check has been processed, Linda Wong will email a notification that the check may be picked up or mailed. Each team is expected to pay the Club as soon as possible, but no later than September 15, 2018. Please be prompt with your Club reimbursement payment. If your team is not accepted to a tournament, please turn in the voided checks to the bookkeeper when you pay your outstanding balance or notify Linda Wong if the check was not returned to you.


WCSC Sponsored Scholarships

There are a limited number of Club sponsored scholarships to assist families with the training fee portion of their competitive team costs. In return for this assistance, families agree to provide a specified number of volunteer hours to help with Club events and projects. The Scholarship Committee evaluates all applications and will award scholarships based upon need and the number of applicants. Team Treasurers should familiarize themselves with the scholarship program requirements and application on the WCSC website using the scholarship link.

For more information, email scholarship@wcsc.org.

Due to the limited number of scholarships available, please encourage families to apply early.


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