10 College Bound Tips for Enrollment


Communication matters.  Don’t blanket e-mail coaches.  Make sure each contact has personal attention to each coach and shows you are vested/informed on his or her program.



Social Media is important.  Coaches want players that will represent them, their program, and their school in the right way.  What do you want your personal brand to be?



Athletic scholarship money is limited.  Good grades and test scores increase your opportunity for a school to offer academic money in addition to athletic money.  Additionally, RESEARCH ALL OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.  You can add multiple academic scholarships together to make tuition affordable.



Research a school’s roster to see if you know anyone you can inquire with about the coach, players, and type of program the coach runs.  Also, look at the roster to determine how many seniors will be graduating when you enter as well as how many on the roster play the same position as you.



Visit.  You should pick a school you can see yourself at even if you don’t decide to play soccer there.  Attend the school’s camp and look at their facilities to see if it’s a good fit for you.



Be a good person.  There are TONS of great players out there.  Character and Integrity are more important now than ever.  Be first to arrive, last to leave training/games.  Be respectful to your coach, teammates, opponents and officials.  This can put you ahead of a lot of other prospective student athletes.



Deciding Factors:
Location – do you want to be on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest.

Academic Program – does the school match well with your academic interests.

Financial – will you be able to afford the school if you aren’t offered any athletic money.



Use your resources.  Make good connections and ask for help that’s close to home.  Use current coaches, Directors and College Coaches that already work with you.  Also, work with your HS guidance counselor to ensure you’re on the right track to be NCAA eligible.



Have questions prepared for official and unofficial visits.  Coaches want to know you are prepared and able to speak for yourself.  You also want to use it as a way to interview the coach.



Be sure you’re signed up through the NCAA Eligibility Center (www.eligibilitycenter.org). Schools will not be able to have you on an official visit until you’re registered.